Role and function of IOCT

  • Systematic and specialized researches in construction industry
  • Joint researches with other research institutes and transfer and dissemination of the research results to related people, groups, organizations, and industry
  • Development of planning, design in construction industry and construction method
  • Consultation and evaluation on the construction techniques
  • Survey and research on the environmental safety, conservation of environment, elimination of contaminated wastes and polluted materials
  • Administrative and research works on the environmental protection facilities of our university and the protection of environmental contamination
  • building up the database in construction technology and service of the database to related researchers, groups, organizations, and industry
  • Researches on urban planning, design and transportation
  • Publication of technical journal and research reports in construction technology
  • Holding domestic or international academic events and seminars, presentations
  • Joint researches and cooperative education with other research institutes or academic institutes