obective of IOCT

Institute of construction technology(IOCT) in Chungbuk National University was found with the objects of enhancing the efficiency of the education and research investment in construction field by developing the advanced techniques in construction field which is the one of the pivotal industry in Korea, and contributing to the development of the construction industry through the researches in new materials and new construction methods and finally training and cultivating the advanced human resources efficiently for the construction industry.

IOCT do works on survey and testing, evaluation regarding the construction technology and other related technology. In addition, IOCT do academical supports like the financial supports in the preparation of research proposals and contribution of research papers to the academic societies, additionally finalcial and administrative supports in hosting of domestic or international academic events and finalcial and administrative supports to RA for the superior researchers. In addition, IOCT give all the administrative supports to the researchers to do their best in their research works.

IOCT publish a technical journal and research reports regarding construction technology and other related technology and transfer and dissemination of the research results to related people, groups, organizations, and industry.